Welcome to Hot Dog! Pet Photography, located in Central Florida. We adore all pets big and small, and our pets are cherished members of our family. Our goal with every session is to provide you, our fellow pet lovers, with vivacious and expressive photos of your beloved furry friends! The two-legged members of your family are welcome to join the fun, too – we love capturing that special bond between humans and pets.

Our pet photo sessions are perfect for:

  • Welcoming newly adopted pets or celebrating the birth of puppies or kittens
  • Saying goodbye to ill or senior pets
  • Just having fun

“What if my pet is shy, nervous, untrained, etc.? Can we still do a shoot?” The answer is YES! We’re very patient and have experience working with animals with all sorts of personalities. We take our time getting to know your pet and making him or her comfortable with our presence and the camera. You’ll be amazed at how easily your pet can turn into a furry little model with us!

We specialize in modern photographic art for our client’s homes – we want you to smile every time you catch a glimpse of your pet’s images on your wall.


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