Super Lentil! | Lentil the French Bulldog Puppy


Lentil is an 8-week-old French Bulldog puppy in the French Bulldog Rescue Network with a severe cleft hard/soft palate and lip. Thousands of people, myself included, have been following his progress on Facebook. Because of his cleft palates and lip, he has to eat from a tube. His foster mom takes wonderful care of him and chronicles his daily life in a series of “AWWW!”-inducing photos and videos. When Lentil gets bigger, he’ll see doctors about getting surgery, but until then, his foster mom works around the clock to feed him and make sure he thrives.

Lentil is the definition of inspiration. He’s been called “perfectly imperfect,” and I think that’s an apt description. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I always see what Lentil is up to on Facebook. His spunk and spirit never fail to put a smile on my face.

My “Super Lentil” illustration was inspired by a photo I saw of Lentil wearing a little cape! I think he’s pretty super and heroic, so I hope you enjoy.

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