Snap | Dog


Basic Information

Breed:Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Color / Markings:Tricolor
Coat Type:Short
Age:September 12, 2011 DOB

Personality, Energy & Additional Info

Commands and/or tricks:Sit, down, play dead, stay, paw, high five, jump up, come
Unique physical traits:
Motivation:Treats and food, frisbees, chuckit ball thrower, and things his sister wants.
Personality traits:- Confident
- Playful
- Curious
- Laidback
- Affectionate
- Athletic
Additional info:Happy go lucky. Likes other small dogs but doesn't like big dogs. Doesn't like to picked up. Talks back if he doesn't feel like doing something.


Owner willing to be in photos if human models required:Yes
Photographed & verified by Hot Dog! Pet PhotographyYes